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Community Matters


We started the Community Matters Project in the summer of 2018. A friend was selling a van for cheap. We knew that a running vehicle could be life changing for someone who didn't have one. We got in touch with a friend who heads up a local nonprofit. She knew the perfect recipient, a young man her family had somewhat "adopted". We were inspired by his determination to make his life better than his current circumstances. In the process of doing that, he was pouring into others in his community, inspiring them to do the same. He wanted to continue working, volunteering and go to school. We knew we wanted to help do whatever we could to make that happen.  From our own personal experience, we knew what a difference could be made in your life when someone invests in you. We asked friends if they wanted to join in on this crazy venture to help cover the purchase and repairs. They happily jumped on board. Our mechanic heard what we were doing ended up donating his time to get it in safe running condition. Next thing you know, this young man had safe, reliable transportation.


People were rooting for a kid they didn't even know. They wanted to help. They wanted to make a difference....they weren't alone in that. 

Time and time again, a need arises, we put out a call for help and our community rallies around us. Some of this stuff is just too big to try and do ourselves, but when several people come together, it's accomplished. So we ask for help. We invite you to invest in your community, your neighbors, your friends, and we'll do the same. The love and support we've been shown by you guys is amazing. Thank you for believing in this "project" and for continuing to invest in us as well.

Check out some of the cool stuff that the Community Matters Project and supporters have been able to do:

Past Projects

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