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First and foremost, we LOVE our Community! We are long time Lilburn residents and are so thankful we get to call this place home. Mark, the owner/mechanic/guy behind the scenes, grew up in Lilburn. He went to work for Mike, the original owner of Lilburn Lawnmower, in his early 20's and has been doing this ever since.

Lilburn Lawnmower has been around since 1976. You may remember our old location where Bryson Park now sits. We've been in our current shop in the Car Care Service Center since 2013. 

We consider ourselves a "Mom and Pop" shop because...we are! We are a husband and wife team whose goal is to build a relationship with each customer by providing honest, quality service at reasonable prices. We mean that too. You guys matter to us. Without you, there is no Lilburn Lawnmower. We are thankful for the relationships we have been able to build over the years with many of our customers. One of the best things is to see a new landscaper starting out (usually with not the best equipment) and watching over the years how they've gained a great customer base and have grown their business. Or getting to meet people's kids/spouse/even dogs! We are honored when you guys share parts of your life with us. Speaking of dogs, we are dog folks. On almost any day, our two pups will be with us. Grady is getting up there in age (he's almost 14) and Olive is almost 2. Their very favorite thing to do is to greet customers. If you're not a dog problem. Just give us a head's up that you're coming and we'll put them up. :)

In 2018 we started the Community Matters Project. It's hard to for one or two people to make a big impact without support. On the other hand, if several people work together,  it makes it easy to reach big goals and change lives. That's where we and our customers come in. We believe in this project-that's why we are happy to donate any tips we receive to our Community Matters Fund and we make personal investments as well. Interested in helping too? A few times a year we collect items or  monetary donations for different local organizations who are out there trying to make a difference for our community. They range from Christmas/Easter gifts for children in foster care, sports balls or drinks for Lunches of Love, or even a coat or shoe drive.  Let's make some big things happen for people who otherwise might not have someone in their corner. (Know of a great local organization that could use some support? Reach out to Stacey on your next visit and maybe we can help!) 


If you've read this far, hopefully you've got a little bit of an idea of who we are. Thanks for considering us for repair. We would be honored to earn your business.                        -Mark and Stacey Schrader

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